Vibration Shakes Up Central France!

In a diversifying media world, where radio has to compete with television, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, smart phones, etc. you wouldn’t have trouble imagining the pressure on stations based in one of Europe’s most hard-core media markets… France.  And one station, Vibration (central France, 28 frequencies, 260.000 listeners a day), has made a change to ensure that they will remain strong and future-proof.

To get ready for another decade of success, Vibration came to PURE Jingles and took a dive into the JingleBox: a collection of time-tested jingles, originally created for top stations in other markets – like in this case, 3FM (Holland), Radio Contact (Belgium) and KRONEHIT (Austria).  All the jingles that Vibration picked were customized to their exact wishes.

The result?  A custom-mix of jingles, for a fraction of the price of a complete custom-made package.  Listen to how it sounds on Vibration and visit to start creating your own jingle package today…


PURE Jingles | Demo Vibration 2010

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