The Largest Jingle Package In The World?…Possibly

Is it the biggest? You tell us! Well we think it is…

Wise Buddah has just delivered a staggering 61 custom iD’s and 193 separate mix outs for Radio Veronica in The Netherlands. In all, a total of 660 separate audio cues! And we’re not done yet, with more to come over the next few weeks as the final phase of the package is completed.

Producer Marc was not fazed by the mammoth task….“Producing such a large package for a heritage station such as Veronica is an absolute honor and was a joy to make. We recorded the vocals in both Amsterdam and London using Dutch session singers who were amazing to work with”.

The jingles sound strong on the air and are used with great precision and care by then on-air team there.

Radio Veronica started life in the 1960’s as a pirate radio station. In the 80s and 90s it was the leading CHR station and in 2003 became part of the Sky Radio Group.

Programme Director Uunco Cerfontaine;

“Radio Veronica was always famous for its trendsetting jingles. After a pitch with several jingle companies we decided to order the new jingle package from Wise Buddah.

Wise Buddah did a great job – the sound of Pop-Rock with a beat works well for us and Buddah created the perfect the sound for our station. The jingles fit our music format perfectly and our DJ’s love to work with them on the air”.

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2 Responses

  1. joost says:

    love the music, don’t like the not edgy tuned vocals.

    the jingles almost all sound the same too, so the listeners won’t have that “largest jingle package in the world” feeling, i think.

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