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Penny FM is a station in Italy that runs a typical AC format. There’s a morning show, there’s a pretty tight playlist, it has a very broad target audience and it reaches almost 500.000 listeners a week. So far, nothing too spectacular, right? But what if we told you that all their listeners are shopping while they’re listening? Yes, Penny FM is a dedicated radio station that serves all Penny supermarkets in Italy. Including a morning show called “Tra Di Noi”, that is aimed specifically at their staff, every day from 6-9 am.

The custom made jingle packages that we created for Penny FM perfectly match the music that is played on Penny FM: the morning show is energetic and uplifting, the rest of the day is targeted at Penny’s clientèle and has a smooth, contemporary pop flavour. So we made two packages: Penny FM Mornings 2011 and Penny FM 2011. We assembled a team with the finest composers and musicians in Holland and LA to create a jingle package that perfectly reflects Penny’s branding but that can also match up with today’s music production values! Most jingles come in three different lengths and many have an alternative “light” or acoustical version, which makes the combined packages a massive imaging tool for Penny FM’s production department.

Norbert Gavran, Penny FM’s Program Director:

“Thanks for the wonderful jingles! The package is great and everyone at the station is very satisfied – it couldn’t be better!”


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  1. just great! the penny fm demo and the utube vid were great great great. a dynamic cluster of cuts! great

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