DK Sound Takes Off

Every jingle package that comes out there is perfect. We can understand the commitment and dedication that each jingle company pours in for every project. And so Paul and I, here at, are always delighted to meet new people who are dedicated in crafting perfect-sounding jingle packages.

We’re proud to introduce Rasmus Schwenger, of DK Sound in Scandinavia. He tells us the importance of “localizing” production of jingles.

DK SOUND is a Scandinavian jingle company out of Copenhagen, Denmark – specializing in radio jingles.

We believe it is important that the producers and composers who write for a client have an in-depth understanding, feeling and flair for the language in which the jingles will be sung, and so our main focus are the Scandinavian and English speaking countries. And if we work in other languages, we will insist on having qualified ears available during tracking and mixing to ensure the integrity of the vocals.

DK Sound created the jingle package for Radio 100 FM in Denmark, listen to the demo below. Or visit for more details.


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  1. Brian Kelleher says:

    I am a published songwriter in ny.,who crafted a lovesong/jingle titled “SCANDINAVIA” that i’d like to
    convert to an advertising jingle promoting travel to the Scandinavian countries.[air/cruise ship travel]
    The song has the endorsement of the NY Scandinavian Travel and Tourism Boards’ former president Mr. Torre Ossmo.
    I’d appreciate a phone call or email to discuss developing this song into jingle format, thats right for the travel companies involved.
    phone# 516 858-9472
    thanks for your assistance in this project
    Brian Kelleher

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