Brandy’s Mix N Match for MNM

BRANDY’S Mix N Match
“a DJ’s playground full of attractive radio jingles”

Mix N Match is Brandy’s newest jingle package for Hot AC formats. It was created for MNM, the Belgian public broadcaster’s hit radio, after an international competition. Mix N Match consists of 16 basic cuts, music beds and service imaging.

The commission for this rebranding was awarded to Brandy after an extensive selection. The brief was to create a package that matched a wide variety of hits, sounded like today’s music and yet was musical and friendly.

Rino Ver Eecke, station manager: “MNM chose Brandy because we instantly felt good about working together; we wanted fresh jingles with a contemporary sound and that’s exactly what we found in Brandy’s proposals.”

Brandy created a new sonic logo that incorporated both the station’s name and the slogan: “Music & More, MNM”. It’s the very core of every jingle. A carefully selected group of international vocal talent makes for a more male oriented vocal sound, balanced with strong female solo vocals.

Rino Ver Eecke: “The result is fantastic. MNM sounds more than ever contemporary and fresh, there’s a lot of variation in the jingle package and the DJ’s have a playground full of attractive radio jingles.”

MNM Mix N Match 2011 from Brandy

After the production, the package was broken down into a huge toolbox for the station’s own production team. The in-house production is also based on Brandy’s Gap Stuff fx library (

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