A State of Trance 500 Jingles

5 weeks, 5 cities, 5 continents. That is A State of Trance 500, the 500th radio show from the number one dj of the world: Armin van Buuren. Dutch based jingle-label Warp by Cue from Cue Creative in The Hague recently produced special jingles to announce ‘A State of Trance 500’.

Armin was excited about the results of the jingles and they are now, since the start of the tour, being aired on more than 90 major radio stations all over the world that broadcast A State of Trance 500. To celebrate this 500th episode internationally in style, the live shows were already broadcasted from Johannesburg (South-Africa), Miami (USA) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

To treat the fans and listeners to an amazing night with world’s best dj’s of the (trance) scene, Armin will visit his homeland Holland this Saturday, on the 9th of April, for a great performance, before finishing his tour with a show in Sydney (Australia) on April 16th.

When Armin launched his own radio show back in 2001, many fellow DJs thought he lost his mind because a show like that would take up a lot of time out of his busy schedule. Now, 10 years later, Armin van Buuren can be proud of ‘his baby’, a radio show with over 15 million listeners worldwide weekly and being an inspiration and example for many deejays that followed in his footsteps.

The jingle package, containing over 75 jingles and the original A State of Trance voice-over are specially made by Warp by Cue and star as a leading roll during the live broadcasts of the show.

This is not the first time Cue Creative produced jingles for a leading dance related act. The company was responsible for the production of the jingles for deejay-act Above & Beyond and is frequently involved with radio projects such as ID&T (Sensation), UDC (Dance Valley) and B2S (Decibel Outdoor).



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