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PURE Jingles wants to invite you (that is… if you’re interested in the production of radio imaging and jingles) to join them on Facebook and Twitter.

PURE Jingles has been sharing ideas, tips and tricks with clients for years. The production team has been doing imaging consultancy for stations like 3FM, Studio Brussels, and the German pop stations BAYERN 3 and Fritz. And now they want to share knowledge with YOU.

If you follow PURE Jingles on Twitter, you’ll get quick tips, links and ideas to help you expandyour view on production. It is designed as an ‘station imager’s quick-fix’. Hit the PURE Jingles ‘wall’ on Facebook and it will give you links to interesting videos, free plug-ins and articles. This is where the PURE producers share their ideas about imaging and let you know they keep their production fresh.

Both platforms feature information to broaden your horizon and get you looking for inspiration in areas that you normally might not cover. And to make sure that you’ll revisit the PURE Facebook wall and PURE Twitter, these areas are ‘content only’. It’s a promise… no ads, no demos, no ‘back door’ sales!


/ About PURE Jingles
PURE Jingles is specialized in creating jingles and branding for CHR and AC stations that need a truly individual sound. Clients are stations such as NRJ (worldwide), Europa Plus (Russia), Radio ZET (Poland), and bigFM (Germany).

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