THE KICK Vol. 2 by BRANDY for One FM Switzerland & Soon On Air in 3 More Countries

One FM (Switzerland) launched a new slogan and took the opportunity to expand its jingle package with some new tracks. The slogan was integrated in The Kick Vol.1 and in 4 new jingles that blend in seamlessly between today’s hit records.

Alexandre De Raemy (program director One FM) upon receiving the update: “You guys are wizards, the result is really extraordinary! We’re so happy that we’re going to launch the new jingles a week earlier.”

The entire package now contains 13 jingles and beds for news, weather and traffic. Each basic track comes in various mixouts, providing DJ’s with all the tools they need to create the perfect on air flow.

In the meantime The Kick has started an international career. Brandy’s hottest CHR-package was reworked for radio stations in France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

About Brandy
Brandy is a Brussels based consultancy and production agency specialized in on-air branding. Brandy consults and creates audio and graphic design for both public and commercial radio and TV-stations in Europe, North-America and Asia.


The Kick Vol. 2 Demo

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