The Newest French Jingle Sensation

There is a new player in the radio jingle imaging industry, Sensation Jingles. Producer Jeremie Funk explains more about his company.

“Born in the image of our fellow Anglo-Saxon, Sensation Jingles happens in the radio landscape in the year 2011, with the idea of offering sound designs for Francophone countries.

We manufacture production elements to define your brand and create packages on the sound design. We are also committed to the sound design custom, in music and audio imaging projects.”

Funk states that every audio needs to define the station’s brand. The music, sound design and voice-over must be in perfect harmony with the message. And that elements must come together to create powerful and immersive experience.

“We work any format, our audio imaging from production to create a sonic identity for a radio station or program. We have developed techniques for creating powerful and brilliant”, adds Funk.

Sensation Jingles first package is called “Pop Rock UP Radio” (a mixture of jingles, sweepers, liners and beds).

Listen to demo below or visit the website at

Pop Rock UP Radio

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