Rebranding as Music FM with the help of PURE Jingles

Earlier in 2010 , PURE Jingles produced a JingleBox package for the Romanian station Radio Info Pro. Now, in 2011 , the station decided to rebrand itself as Music FM but wanted to keep some of the feel of the original package.

In discussions with the station it became obvious that the new Music FM was more music driven and targeting a Soft AC audience. To set the package apart from its earlier incarnation, the logo and slogan positions were switched (“Music FM – Just Music”) and the vocals were sung more smoothly. To give the station more material to work with, the entire package was also delivered in a lite mix-out version.

/About Music FM
Music FM broadcasts to the city of Bucharest in Romania and plays a mix of softer hits from the last 30 years. Listen to Music FM by surfing to

/About the PURE JingleBox
PURE Jingles created the JingleBox to give stations with smaller budgets a chance to get practically a ‘custom’ experience for the price of a resing. Clients can choose from more than 300 jingle themes, match all of them up with their preferred logo and go on air sounding completely unique. The JingleBox themes were originally composed for stations such as NRJ (France), Radio Regenbogen (Germany), Europa Plus (Russia) and 3FM (Netherlands).

Listen to all of the available jingles themes at

Music FM Demo

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