Chemical FX is here

Finally it’s here – a production library you can afford. The must have of 2011!

Producers all over the world are stunned. In a laboratory on European ground they created the ultimate lethal weapon, Chemical FX – Part 1 “The mindblowing chemicals”

For years a small group of the best audio engineers experimented on this project. Their existence was denied by many. But now their secret is out in the open. A brand new package that will change the future of audio-imaging.

Chemical FX will provide you over 100 chemical Sound FX, the package contains “Beeps, Blips, Beds, Drones, Lifters, Splitters, Impacts, Sweepers, Beats and more more chemical stuff!”

Don’t hesitate and get your own Chemical FX now!

Chemical FX is produced by audio engineer Frank Koster (the Netherlands), Owner of jingle and commercial production company

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  1. Frank Kosyet says:

    We now also posted a Chemical FX in action Demo (how it’s sounds on the radio)

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