First Look Into Audio Sweets (New Radio Imaging Tool Kit)

Audio Sweets is a radio imaging tool kit, produced from the same creative team at S2Blue.

It is a continuously updated library of beds, promos, and sweeper shells, FX package, utilities, stages, breaks, artist drops, and vox pops.

S2Blue, an innovative audio company has cultivated an impressive client base, including most of the major players in British broadcasting: BBC, Global Radio, Bauer Radio, UKRD, and the Lincs FM Group.

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The composers and sound designers involved in Audio sweets have long experience in creating broadcasting music.

  • Simon Prentice, Managing Director of S2Blue
  • Rob Wills, Radio Presenter and Sound Designer
  • Lee Turner, Musician, Popular Music & Recording

Below is an audio teaser to give you a taste of what Audio Sweets is all about.

Click here to view Audio Sweets Website Snapshots

Visit the website at

Audio Sweets – Taster Summer 2011

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