Blink 102 in Brazil meets Brandy

Europe hasn’t really been blessed with sunshine last summer, but the sunny feel of Brandy Jingles has spread to the other side of the globe.

Blink 102 Brazil is the first South American radio station that engages Brandy Jingles for its imaging. And because we all speak ‘radio’, we were immediately on the same track. Blink 102 made a selection of the Maximum Q package. The jingles combine CHR-power with instant feel good. No blazing noises but musical tracks that mix perfectly with today’s chart toppers.

Blink 102 is based in Pantanal (Brazil). The station’s visual logo contains an alligator, the symbol of the Brazilian region.Contemporary hits go hand in hand with a lot of attention for the (threatened) biodiversity of this piece of paradise. The rock solid sonic logo created by Brandy for European top brand Q-Music continues its career overseas.

The complete package consists of 36 tracks: fulls, shorts, ramps and a capellas. It offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for coherent branding and
great on air flow.

Blink 102 Brazil 2011 from Brandy

Samy Nayef, director at Blink 102: “Blink is an innovative radio station that wants to be unique. That’s why we have chosen Brandy to produce our imaging. These jingles are just perfect!”

Also looking for power, feel good, or just cool jingles? E-mail for more information.

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