Seamless branding with PURE Power Intros

They can be elaborate, simple made, highly auto-tuned, filled with station voice-overs, shortened, chuck full of instrumental logos, filtered… anything is possible. At PURE Jingles, the production team gets to play around making Power Intros quite often these days.

NRJ France comes to PURE Jingles about once a month to produce a batch of 5 Power Intros. To make these intros match seamlessly with the other on-air imaging made by PURE Jingles, the producers use legendary French voice over Richard Darbois and the same vocalists of the jingle package.

Not only is NRJ’s logo sung, in most cases the music gets tweaked, filtered and ‘unique-a-fied’ as well. The producers find matching sounds to sneak the instrumental NRJ logo into the intro.
Apart from NRJ, French regional station Radio Scoop has started to use custom made PURE Power Intros. Other stations have opted for vocal kits that provide sung elements which creative directors can use by themselves.

PURE Jingles NRJ Power Intros September 2011

PURE Jingles Radio Scoop Power Intros October 2011

Look for info and tips how to produce power intros on your own by visiting the PURE Jingles Facebook page. It’s a page dedicated to sharing useful info, links and movies for radio imaging producers to keep improving their craft. But before you login to Facebook, you might want to check out the latest batch of power intros for NRJ and Radio Scoop above.

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