Radio Alfa Xmas Package 2011

Deck the halls with the sounds of Christmas!

Take a listen to the brand new Christmas versions of Radio ALFA’s 2011 package.

Also, DK SOUND goes classical.

Check out the brand new logo, versions and beds for Denmarks new commercial classical FM station Radio Klassisk.

DK SOUND is a Scandinavian jingle company out of Copenhagen, Denmark – specializing in radio jingles.

We believe it is important that the producers and composers who write for a client have an in-depth understanding, feeling and flair for the language in which the jingles will be sung, and so our main focus are the Scandinavian and English speaking countries. And if we work in other languages, we will insist on having qualified ears available during tracking and mixing to ensure the integrity of the vocals. – Rasmus Schwenger

Radio Alfa Xmas 2011

Radio Klassisk

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