New Jingle Company BreezeBox Imaging Launches

In a world of today’s radio where PDs are looking for the best way to mix and match different formats in order to reach wides possible audience, BreezeBox has decided to offer “Jingle Prime 2011 Hot AC/CHR” Syndicated Package, a mix of Hot AC and CHR formats where these two styles are perfectly blended into one powerful radio imaging jingle package.

This brand new package consists of 30 cuts (10 cuts in three mixouts: long, medium, short) with News and Weather themes + Commercial ID. The aim of this offer is to make the station’s image blend into various elements of today’s popular demographics (dance, pop, rock and r&b) and again to build a unique radio image. Along side new slogan of Top FM “Beats that last!” we took their message to a new level.

Aleksandar Krsic, Top FM’s station manager:

“We are very proud to have this package, it gives a fresh new feel to our station image, it gives our listeners a new flavour that is hard to resist, while blending perfectly with the music that we play. That’s why we chose BreezeBox. They simply know how the market breeds. It was great working together.”

The “Jingle Prime 2011 Hot AC/CHR” Syndicated Package can be easily adapted to your station’s image, name, slogan or frequency.

Top FM Jingle Prime 2011 Hot AC/CHR from BreezeBox (Demo)

About BreezeBox:

BreezeBox offer state-of-the-art imaging for a wide range of concepts and branding for various radio station formats. Focused on markets in Eastern Europe we are offering affordable and unique sonic image for each radio station.


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