Flamin’ new AC package for Germany’s RPR1

It used to be that a radio station would either fork over all their money and have a custom jingle package produced. Or they would get an existing package from a station some where on the other side of the world re-sung. Actually… come to think of it… that still seems to be standard practice.

PURE Jingles decided that they would really love to give customers a virtually unlimited set of possibilities when it comes to producing jingles. And, as a result, German station RPR1. was another example of a satisfied customer walking out the door of the Hilversum studios.

Custom made
RPR1. needed specific openers and beds, which meant that a part of the budget was set aside to have the PURE team compose and tweak until the result was exactly what the station was hoping for.

Customized resing
A lot of other elements were lifted from the PURE JingleBox, a collection of over 330 cuts which can be auditioned at www.purejingles.com/jinglebox. With these elements the main focus was getting them in line with the overall sound of the package, and replacing the existing logos with RPR1.’s sonic signature.

In the end, RPR1.’s program director got the most out of his budget and, like he told us, ‘the quality of the production and vocalists makes RPR1. shine like it’s got a new coat of paint’.

/About RPR1.
RPR1. was the first private (as opposed to public) radio station in Germany to hit the air waves at the end of April 1986. With its AC format the station targets an audience between 14 and 49 years of age. www.rpr1.de

/About PUREJingles
PURE Jingles specializes in the creation of jingles for CHR, Hot AC and AC stations. The client roster includes stations such as NRJ (France, Germany, and more), KRONEHIT (Austria), Europa Plus (Russia) and Radio Contact (Belgium). www.purejingles.com


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