The Unheard Johnny Vaughan Capital FM launch jingles

When working on the launch for the new Capital FM breakfast show with Johnny Vaughan, Capital’s production team put out a request for jingle concepts from various production companies. 3 demo cuts were produced by the guys at ReelWorld featuring a variation on Capital’s old heritage station sonic logo.

Listen to 3 of the donut cuts by ReelWorld below via soundcloud.

Wise Buddah were successful in their pitch for Capital. We believe their jingles/imaging are now heard on Capital and all around the UK. Hopefully we’ll have some audio soon.

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2 Responses

  1. Rather impressive cuts, even if they sound like they were more in tune with the music of 1984 than 2004. Shades of George Benson and Debarge creeping within them.

    Good use of the Groove Addicts sonic logo mind.

  2. bbeebee says:

    Much better than the Wise Buddah material, IMHO.

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