Radio Paloma 2012 AC Jingles

Novaz Audio created a new AC jingle package for Radio Paloma in Belgium.

It’s the first time in 20 years that they decided to go with a new sound for their station, so it had to be something fresh and contemporary.

The package consists of 8 main themes with multiple mix outs.

Demo | mp3

Maurice Verschuuren of Novaz told “The client had an instrumental logo they’d been using for years in a more simple way (mainly instrumental). So they asked us to produce a jingle package based on that logo that would refresh the sound of the station, but still keep that familiar sound. Since their imaging hadn’t changed much over the last years, so they needed something that sounded fresh but also kept their identity alive.

They had been using some of the slogans we sang in sweepers years ago. We decided to take these statements and bring them back to life by singing them, which turned out great.

The package is just a great way to transition between the many styles of music on their playlist. We tried not to make each cut sound the same, but bring a different feel each of them.”

About Novaz Audio

NOVAZ Audio Imaging is a full-service audio design production company, with a dedicated team experienced with the design of some of the biggest Dutch radio stations like 3FM, Caz, Yorin FM, SLAM!FM and Arrow Classic Rock.

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