991 QIK turns to ReelWorld ONE

New for 2012, ReelWorld ONE Country is now officially airing in Jacksonville! 99.1 WQIK rebranded as 991 QIK and is now airing jingles from Reelworld using the WCTO logo. The station, which plays a country format is located in Jacksonville, FL and has never aired jingles… until now!

The station is now Jacksonvilles “hit kicker” thanks to these outstanding jingles! As with usual ReelWorld packages, this consists of shotguns, a morning show cut, basic ID’s, a top of hour cut, and a traffic instrumental bed. Listen to the montage of the entire jingle package resings for the new 991 QIK!

991 QIK (WQIK) 2012 from ReelWorld ONE

Thanks goes to Juan Alicea for the above news and audio.

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  1. Robyn Watts says:

    Actually, WQIK DID have jingles in its past. JAM’s “KDWB” package was used in the late 80s.

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