The First BRANDY Jingle Package in Africa

K-FM brings Brandy’s most popular jingle package to the African continent. The station wants its listeners to taste from a fresh musical approach and accurate news reporting. K-FM is Rwanda’s newest radio station and broadcasts from Kigali. It’s owned by the Nation Media Group, which publishes several newspapers and operates both radio and TV stations in several African countries.

For its imaging K-FM selected tracks from the The Kick packages. The station’s name and slogan have been smoothly integrated into the tracks so it sounds totally custom made for K-FM.


The Kick was originally produced for ONEfm in Switzerland. The package has since started an international career: apart from the adaptation for Metropolys (France). it’s also been reworked for City Music (Belgium) and Glow FM (the Netherlands).

The Kick consists of 2 volumes and comes with dozens of mix outs and tools that help radio DJs to create the perfect on-air flow.

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