Brandy Welcomes Souvenirs Garantis

Brandy is feeling quite at home in Canada. Souvenirs Garantis, the market leader in Québec, wants to keep on seducing its listeners with a unique sound, and found it at Brandy.

Programme director Jack Roy: “Our ageing demographic is evolving and we have to stay on top of it. Our musical format is becoming younger and our imaging has to go along”. Souvenirs Garantis was looking for a station sound that matched their classic hits format, yet gave the station a unique feel. That’s what they found in the La Viva package.

The package consists of 12 basic themes and service imaging for news, weather and traffic, all built around a custom sonic logo. Jack Roy is delighted with the result: “2012 will be a great year for 102.9 Souvenirs Garantis. Thanks to Brandy’s superb work we’re having a ball creating a product that’s impeccable. Merci Brandy!”

Souvenirs Garantis is owned by Cogeco, the Canadian media group that operates 13 radio stations in the province of Québec. The groups also has its own news agency.

Souvenirs Garantis is the market leader in Québec with a market share of over 15% (BBM Spring 2011).

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