Novaz Creates Afternoon Show Jingles for A Marconi Awardee

Novaz Audio recently completed a package of 5 cuts for ‘Van Inkel in the Afternoon’.

Jeroen van Inkel has been Holland’s most respected and influential DJ’s for quite some time. He worked at stations like: Radio Veronica, Veronica FM, Yorin FM, Radio 538 and now does the popular drive time show on Dutch Q-Music.

Jeroen won a Marconi Award for excellence in radio last year. In the 90’s he used to work with some of the great JAM packages at Radio Veronica.

Exclusively for his show, Jeroen asked Novaz Audio to create something with the musicality and feel of classic top40 jingles, with a modern edge. It’s personality jingles 2.0!

The company sang most of the lyrics in Dutch: Van Inkel in de middag, which means: Van Inkel in the afternoon.

NOVAZ is currently working on a new site that will feature a completely jingle-devoted website for NOVAZ AUDIO IMAGING. First demo CD about to come out later this year.

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