The Rocketeers Partner with MusicDIRECTOR

The Rocketeers is one of the leading music production companies of The Netherlands, with owners Stas Swaczyna and Joost Griffioen, and has many years of experience in the broadcast industry. The Rocketeers produce custom made music for radio, television and pop music artists.

Among their clients are RTL, SBS Popstars (instrumental popsongs, show sound fx) and Talpa’s The Voice (pop song production), The Voice Kids (pop music album) and The Winner Is (The Netherlands and Germany instrumental pop songs), Dutch national radiostations 3FM (their famous drive-time jingle package, and several other shows) and Radio 2 (for example their famous morning show jingle package).

The Rocketeers have now partnered with MusicDIRECTOR (formerly Music & Images) to bring their music imaging right across Europe.

Stas Swaczyna, director The Rocketeers, commented “After three years, this is a great opportunity to expand further into Europe and meet new stations. This partnership with MusicDIRECTOR, with their decades of experience, is the best we could wish for.”

For over 20 years, MusicDIRECTOR has provided jingle packages to leading European radio stations such as Radio 538, 3FM and Radio 2 (Dutch), French NRJ and Fun Radio, the German 104.6 RTL Berlin and Hit-Radio Antenne, Hitradio ANR and The Voice in Denmark.

Paul Gulmans, managing director of MusicDIRECTOR, told “We are proud that we’re now able to offer the musical expertise of The Rocketeers for all our clients in Europe. Whether it’s complete new music imaging for a television- or radiostation, music for a specific programm, resings, songs or other musical needs, together we take care of the entire process and give our clients the music branding they deserve. The best!”

The Rocketeers Showreel 2012

E-mail or call +31 (0) 35 – 6727476 for more information.

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