Radio West Launches New Jingle Package from The Rocketeers

RTV West not only has the music and programming on Radio West refreshed, even the jingle package has been completely renewed.

And this has been thoroughly done. A new audio logo, a new choir, all instruments played live, including strings by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. The package consists of 10 main themes with 193 mixouts (cuts). The package is composed and produced by The Rocketeers.

Stas Swaczyna, The Rocketeers: “Station Manager Renzo Veenstra was looking for real musical jingles. We did it by recording live instruments with a fresh and contemporary pop sound, which is not standard for jingles these days. Radio West is now actually one of the only ones in the Netherlands that air this type of production.”

Renzo Veenstra, Station Manager RTV West: “Partnering with The Rocketeers was nice. There is a passionate atmosphere of true craftsmanship, and there is direct contact with the makers themselves. The Rocketeers work from a musical approach and that was exactly what we wanted. We are proud to broadcast the result daily on 89.3 FM Radio West.”

Contact The Rocketeers, visit

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