FM1 – Switz-ing it up with a new PURE Jingles package

FM1 (for non-Swiss people: the pronunciation sounds like FM ‘ice’) browsed through the PURE JingleBox and came up with a unique combination of cuts to reflect their station’s image. With well over 350 unique elements to choose from without having to pay for custom-made cuts, the number of possibilities to find a very specific sound for FM1 was staggering*.

The FM1 team was pushing the PURE Jingles producers from the word ‘go’ to take the vocal production a couple of steps further from what they had heard in Hot AC jingles before. The music of the final package is skewed towards guitar driven pop, a genre that usually doesn’t lend itself well to more dance-like vocal editing. Thanks to the FM1 team insisting on integrating more vocal FX, there is a huge difference between the versions that the PURE Jingles producers initially came up with and the final cuts that will be showcased on air.

Within the package, FM1 also wanted to switch things up a bit by having the end logo sung by a solo vocal on occasion. The result is a package that gives Hot AC imaging a different face.

/ About FM1
FM1 is the 4th largest commercial radio station in Switzerland. The station went on air 4 years ago and currently serves a mix of music, news and info to more than 200.000 people each and every day.

/ About PURE Jingles
PURE Jingles specializes in bringing radio imaging & branding for CHR and (Hot) AC formats to forward thinking stations. Clients on PURE’s roster are BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio Scoop (France), KRONEHIT (Austria) and U Radio (China).

* If our mathskills haven’t completely deserted us since high school, you’d be able to make quite a lot of unique combinations. As a matter of fact, if you look online (who does sums on calculators anymore…) and tried to figure out how many combinations were possible, the number you come up with is… INFINITY.

Like the FM1 team told PURE Jingles: “The amount of material on offer in the JingleBox is gigantic. We had to put in a LOT of time to pick out the right cuts. But we feel that this is a very important phase in the production to get the maximum result from the PURE JingleBox.”

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