‘REVOLUTION’ Jingle Package to Hit Hot AC Stations

Italian jingle company LCR Jingles announced the launch of a new jingle package ‘Revolution’.

Revolution is designed for stations that play a variety of music styles from pop to rock and even dance.

It contains 1 top of hour and 10 themes, all ready to be customized for your station.

“We are happy to present the new Lcr Entry Package Revolution!” – Alessandro, LCR Jingles Team.

Listen to the entire package below. For more info, visit LCRJingles.com

About LCR Jingles

LCR Jingles is a production company based in Milano, Italy that offers radio jingles, tv jingles, custom music, stacchi musicali, tv and radio commercial advertising and music broadcasting. It was founded in 2010 and lead by sound designer ‘Alessandro’

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