Russian CHR jingles from NOVAZ

NOVAZ Audio Imaging in The Netherlands have just produced a new custom CHR package for Aleks City Radio in Russia. The new package consists of 5 basic id’s, 5 ramps, and 5 all new freaky shotgun remixes.

UK and the Europe perhaps are now the home of sung jingles. The past few months have seen more and more jingles being produced outside of the US. What happened?

This new CHR package from NOVAZ Audio just proves that. Sung jingles are very much alive, even in Russia.

And it’s been a while since I have heard jingle demos with actual clients doing the testimonial. Check out the Aleks City Radio package below.

After searching for some time, the guys at Aleks City chose NOVAZ to produce a sound that fits todays hit music perfectly. “It blends great with all music” says Aleks City PD Alexander Goncharov.

NOVAZ got some of today’s best producers in dance music to work on this package. People who regularly work on productions for R3hab and Afrojack worked on the cuts to make sure the sound is genuine, fresh and positive.

Aleks City Radio broadcasts from the city of Alekandrov, near Moscow. Choosing the right imaging was an important tool for setting Aleks City Radio station apart from the rest in a fast evolving radio market like Russia.

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