JAM Creative Productions Introduces ‘New & Now’ in Jingle Imaging

JAM Creative Productions announces its newest AC jingle package – New & Now.

From Jingles.com:

JAM has the new approach to A-C jingles. It’s “New & Now”!

  • Fresh new vocal sounds
  • Hot production values
  • Lightning fast transitions and format elements to keep the music moving forward
  • Your choice of vocal styles
  • Sounds great with today’s music!

Because we’ve designed several versions of each music track, you’ll have total flexibility in adapting the cuts to the sound and lyrics you want. For example, both Now 97-9 and Sunny 95 are using these jingles as a follow-up to our earlier Fresh N.Y. package. Yet K-104.7 and K-Shasta are using “New & Now” to upgrade a variety of other earlier JAM IDs.

Listen to “New & Now” as heard on four of America’s highest rated AC stations. To add your station to this list, just contact JAM today for all the info!

Demos for KBZN and WKQC

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