KRONEHIT still wears the crown in Austria

A few years ago it was very difficult for a relatively unknown jingle company to get a foot in the door of the German-speaking radio market. For PURE Jingles everything changed when Austrian station KRONEHIT enlisted PURE’s help with their new jingle package. And now… they are back.

The PURE team was very happy when KRONEHIT returned, since all the cuts from the first package (dating back to 2009) have been having tremendous staying power. The KRONEHIT 2009 jingles are among the most re-sung cuts from the PURE JingleBox.

KRONEHIT’s 2012 update includes 11 jingle themes, a complete Top of the Hour sequence (including news, weather, traffic and various show opener elements) as well as a special AM Showopener. The strive for perfection and dedication to quality from the side of the station inspired PURE to, once again, come together and dish out some quality imaging.

KRONEHIT is part of the Austrian news paper Kronen Zeitung. It’s the most succesful private station in the country, reaching 850,000 people every weekday.

/ About PURE Jingles
PURE Jingles creates imaging for some of Europe’s biggest stations, such as BBC Radio 1 (UK), NRJ (worldwide) and KRONEHIT (Austria).

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