And now for something new and different for YOU

YOU FM, the youth-branch of public broadcaster Hessischer Rundfunk in Germany, have come out ‘guns blazing’… paving a new path for on-air imaging.

The station shipped its two producers (Mathias Ochs and Fabian Brosi) off to Holland, to go and work together with the PURE Jingles team on carving out a new imaging sound. This style of working gave the package an extra dimension because of the instant feedback the composers and producers got about the direction of the package.

“If you want to have imaging that reflects current musical and production styles, you just have to get your hands dirty and try LOTS of ideas”, says program director Jan Vorderwülbecke. “PURE Jingles worked tirelessly to get the package exactly how we wanted it. To sum it up: the package is state-of-the-art!”

Music Like Me
YOU FM introduced a new slogan, Music Like Me, to reflect their programming policy! At any point during the day, listeners can use an app or the website to let the station know when they like a record. Songs that get many ‘likes’ will be played more often.

With a focus on being interactive plus the new imaging, YOU FM is ready to build the brand into the future. PURE Jingles does its part by regularly updating the package with new musical themes. For a look behind the scenes of this young radio station, check out the video at

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