Wise Buddah Jingles take Center stage in Slovenia..

Radio Center is the largest commercial station in Slovenia, broadcasting to its 13 main cities and regions. The team at Radio Center undertook a forensic search of the current jingle market before settling on a re-sing of Wise Buddah’s Skala FM package.

“We were looking for something that had a really big feelgood factor, but equally it was also important for us to find a package with a modern and contemporary sound and reflecting the music we play. The Skala FM package was the perfect match….the more I listen to these elements, the more I love them… the impact, clarity, emotions, sounds, overall soundscape and production… this package speaks the language of music.”
Radio Center’s Programme Director Fedja Juvan

The vocals were recorded with native Slovenian singers in the capital Ljubljana at the legendary Metro music studio.

“To go to the heart of the client’s market and work with local singers and production facilities is always an absolute privilege. We get a real insight into the station’s brand, market and culture and we have great fun in the process”.
Paul Plant, Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging

The Skala FM 2012 package consists of 12 Main IDs, 3 Top of Hours plus News, Travel and Weather.

To see clips of the session, and hear the whole package – visit Wise Buddah Jingles’ online:

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