1LIVE diggi Germany goes for authenticity

Sounding both great and different was a key objective for Germany’s public broadcaster WDR, for the relaunch of their youngest sibling 1LIVE diggi.

The digital subsidiary of mass-appeal Pop station 1LIVE, which reaches 1.1 million listeners per average hour in North Rhine-Westphalia, has undergone a major facelift. New format, new line-up, new website, new everything… so surely, jingles HAD to be part of their ‘stationality’ upgrade!

Commissioning PURE Jingles for the sound design of 1LIVE diggi ‘2.0’, the team was looking for a custom-made package to fit their Urban & Rhythmic Pop flavoured playlist. It had to make them sound modern and young, and appeal to their 15-25 year-old target audience. Going against the grain of some current musical styles, 1LIVE diggi were adamant that the cuts couldn’t, by any means, sound cheap or plastic. “There’s a trend in current music to go back to a feel of authenticity, and we liked that to be reflected in our imaging”, says the station’s format developer Robert Kindermann.

During a creative session at PURE Jingles, the core sounds for the station and the musical ‘DNA’ for the package were defined. Main challenge? Finding the right balance. “Exactly this – making us sound intense and dynamic, without coming across as stressful or annoying – PURE Jingles has accomplished very well”, 1LIVE diggi’s brand manager Torsten Remy explains. To distinguish themselves clearly from the outset, it was decided to avoid sung jingles. An 18-year-old girl with a very natural sound was chosen as the station voice.

“The presenters have great fun with the new jingles”, Robert Kindermann says about the package, based on 15 station IDs and music beds in several different styles. “These elements are super compatible with both our playlist and the variety of content we represent, such as news, events, comedy, and listener interaction. With the new package by PURE Jingles we fulfil our commitment to presenting high quality programming while keeping everything dynamic.”

Enjoy the demo above! Then check out 1LIVE diggi’s package on air, through www.1livediggi.de.

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