The Sound of Summer for 538!

Holland’s Number 1 station 538 has launched the Summer Updates to their existing ID package with Wise Buddah Jingles.

Comprising 4 Custom IDs plus a TOH with an upbeat, hot summer vibe, the updates were recorded with native Dutch singers at Wise Buddah in London…

“It was a pleasure to welcome our good friends at 538 back to Buddah for a summer refresh on the current package. We reflected the hottest current tunes and production styles, this time with a feel-good summer vibe to keep the imaging sounding seamless next to the playlist.” Wise Buddah’s Paul Plant

“Wise Buddah did an outstanding job once again on our Summer IDs. We didn’t want the usual “summer sounds” on our cuts… We just want the sound of now, and that’s exactly what we’ve got! If you hear the IDs, you just want to drive around in our Cabriolet with your radio on MAX volume!” Chris Hartgers, Station Sound & Imaging, 538.

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