Meteoric new jingles land at Planet Radio

Frankfurt’s Planet Radio has launched a brand new imaging package, produced by Wise Buddah. In a move away from traditional sung jingles, Planet Radio chose to re-logo a selection of existing packages from Wise Buddah, including their work for Capital FM and Virgin Radio, and have incorporated their slogan “I heart music, I heart Planet”.

Mick von Oppen and Elinor Pongracz – Producers, Planet Radio“Working with the Wise Buddah Team was very productive, quick and creative. The sound logo we developed together is unique yet simple and versatile – it makes branding easy and has a great flow. The package fits our programme perfectly – thanks for your amazing service!”

Paul Plant – Wise Buddah “We created something for Planet Radio which not only sounds unique, but we hope reflects their brand and incorporates it seamlessly into a fresh, hot playlist. It’s a hybrid package of jingles and imaging…and we’ve loved putting it together.”

The package comprises 10 Jingles, 5 TOTHs, 5 Transitions and 3 Information Elements.

To listen to the package in full, go to

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