New Producers Podcast: Cousin Deke

Ryan Drean’s ‘The Producers‘ podcast has been updated with an interview with Cousin Deke

Cousin Deke is the Creative juggernaut at the CC Dallas facilities and within CCM+E as a whole. He is the voice of about 70 stations across the States and elsewhere on Earth. He handles imaging for almost all of the DFW cluster. And he is a pretty darn cool guy to chat with. I actually did an interview in person this time (part of the reason it was delayed a week)!! After the ubiquitous nickel tour of the newly remodeled CC DFW facilities we dove into about an hour-long in-depth chat. Deke is a great story teller as you will soon find out and a rock-star in the radio world. Here be some links:

The Interview – YES one-part per requests

Full Deke Demo Audio

Upcoming: I forgot to mention in the show that I will be speaking with George Whittam soon. This will be a super focused episode on the TECH side of the VO and Production world. He knows his stuff!

I also have a couple VO talents on the short list plus any of your suggestions!!

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