Studios Peak and Jaune Banane merge as PEAK MEDIA

Company directors are pleased to announce the merger of its subsidiaries into a single entity: PEAK MEDIA.

In recent months, the LG2 agency was mandated to define and develop a new branding for PEAK MEDIA. Its remarkable growth over the last five years led the company to further its local and international development strategy. What’s more, PEAK MEDIA will invest $1.2 million in the next two years to ensure its continued growth, in both postproduction and radio imaging.

“We’ve put together a passionate, creative team that sets us apart from the competition. A proud, competent, handpicked team of hardworking people. Our product is now distributed worldwide and our clients expect a level of quality that meets their expectations,” said Philippe A. Allard, President of PEAK MEDIA.

Executive Vice President Michel Labrecque is very proud of the new branding. “We have merged our radio, television and music services in order to meet our clients’ increasingly diverse needs. We want to achieve great things and are positioning ourselves to do this quickly and efficiently.” “LG2 has done an outstanding job.” “In perfect line with PEAK MEDIA’s mission,” added the company’s two shareholders.

PEAK MEDIA defines itself as a group of international virtuosos, specializing in radio imaging and television for 15 years now. Boasting an experienced team that puts its skills to the service of its clients, PEAK MEDIA is at the cutting edge of the latest trends and developments and has the expertise to produce the best in radio, television and music.

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