For stations that demand more, here’s NOVAZ’ brand new package MFM.

A huge and versatile package with maximum logo branding power. 7 Basic ID, 7 Ramp ID’s, 23 Unique Shotguns plus a ton of news, weather, traffic, info & promo beds with separate closers. The ID’s are perfect for Hot AC and CHR formats, but they also match news-talk stations very well.

“The first jingle company in 15 years that nailed it the first time” (Mark van Leest, P.D. of MFM) “We’ve seen a huge demand for a packages like this”, says Frederik Middelhoff of NOVAZ Audio Imaging. “It’s so versatile and at the same time really recognizable and strong. For stations that have news, AND depend on their music format. It’s a true imaging swiss army knife”.

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  1. December 9, 2014

    […] February this year, NOVAZ crafted a package for MFM in the Netherlands. For Christmas, MFM wanted some festive imaging […]

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