New Package for Germany’s Charivari

One of Germany’s heritage radio brands, Charivari in Würzburg, has made a fresh start with an AC package from PURE Jingles.

Playing the best mix of classic & current hits, and delivering local news & events – that’s what Charivari in the German state of Bavaria is delivering to its 30-59 year-old target demographic every day. The AC station, established in the 1980s, is now reaching almost a quarter of the 450,000 households in its direct broadcast area, and is aiming even higher with an updated program schedule and a fresher on-air image. Subsequently, it was time for new jingles!

“A jingle package should have the same as a radio personality – character and authenticity”, says program director Daniel Pesch (who is also the morning anchor on Charivari). “Not even the best-testing power rotation title on your playlist gets the amount of airplay as your jingles do. So they have to be appealing and memorable.” He’s often heard children sing along to the jingles of their hometown station. “That’s a great opportunity for every station. It positions us in the listener’s mind, and it is super important for how the audience perceives us.”

Pesch had a clear vision of how the new Charivari should sound. “I want to build a bridge between our loyal listeners and our new friends – sounding catchy and modern, without being too young and wild. During the recording session I noticed how PURE Jingles worked on every nuance, until it would seamlessly fit our brand. Last, but not least, it was a lot of fun to work with their creative team on this package. It just occurred to me that I’ve been listening to the jingles for several weeks in a row now, and every time again I enjoy them just as much as the first time!”

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