10 + 10 = 20 Jingles for M80!

A year after their first PURE Jingles package, Portugal’s M80 has come back for another batch of 10 JingleBox themes.

M80 Rádio is broadcasting a wide variety of hits, ranging from the late 1970s to the early 2000s. In its music format, the station is an uncontested market leader – however, there were still things to optimize.

“One of our biggest challenges is to balance the music we play from the past, with the lives of our listeners in the present”, program director Miguel Cruz explains. Station IDs of M80 should therefore not only match the overall sound of the playlist, but also have a contemporary and recognizable feel that freshens up its on-air image – apart from a stronger brand recall that is achieved by using jingles.

“The imaging of PURE Jingles helps us to achieve this important strategic goal. These 10 new cuts match last year’s set perfectly; they add variety while keeping us sounding consistent. They’re also a step forward because of the adventurous way that the producers and native singers have handled the recording”, says Cruz, who flew over for the session (and dinner!).

The PURE team got ‘carta branca’ for the creative part, something that the program director has found to work really well. “The ad-libs came out great, too. They certainly add emotion and flow to every track. Thanks for another terrific package! It will help M80 in its continued quest to be relevant and distinguishable in the minds of our growing audience.”

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