The Imaging Days – More names, more imaging

Moments after its announcement, The Imaging Days 2014 became the most talked about event in the radio-imaging world. Today we are happy to announce additional names of speakers that will join us on September 8th and 9th, 2014.

UK Imaging Giants
James Stodd has worked as Head of Station Sound at Capital 95.8 London, as a senior producer at BBC Creative marketing and manages Imaging and production for The Breeze Network and JACK FM South Coast.

Dan Mumford is an accomplished composer, sound designer and producer whose compositions for advertising, TV and radio have been heard worldwide.  He spent 10 years at BBC Radio 1 as producer and Station Sound manager.

Nathan Freeman has worked across both imaging and programming, at Capital 95.8, Kiss 100, Magic 105.4 as well as BBC Radio 1 &1Xtra. Recently he picked up the UK’s Radio Academy award for Best Creative for his current promo work as Station Sound Producer at BBC Radio 6 Music.

Together, they’ll discuss and play examples of their work, and also share some secrets on creative inspiration, along with some insights into radio imaging and production trends in the UK.

Be the Hitchcock, Spielberg and Almodovar of your listener’s thoughts
We welcome Lenja Faraguna from Slovenia. Writer of “Grammar of the efective radio ad”. In the 90 minute workshop you and Lenja will learn how to make love to your listener’s brain.

Ryan On The Radio
Ryan Drean is an imaging voice talent, producer and manager of a Jingle and Imaging service for dozens of stations in the US and Canada. He is also known for his website and the podcast called “The Producers” which features the biggest names in Radio Imaging around the globe. Ryan will host a seminar geared toward the Imaging Talent who are “Wearing Many Hats” and constantly adding lines to their job descriptions. Maximize your value and productivity while never sacrificing your creativity.

From Down Under

We are happy to fly in, from Australia, Simon Mumford. With his company Radico International he was responsible for the (re) branding of a number of radio stations throughout the world. Simon will discuss the importance of Brand Communication between the Program Director and the Imaging Director so your radio station has a crystal clear picture for what style of script writing and production fits with your brand. No more time wasting on re-do’s, no more time whining about the PD and more time building cutting edge spots that make your radio station sizzle.

During the two day event about twenty international professionals will discuss all aspects of radio-imaging in “De Nieuwe Liefde” in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Chris Hartgers (Radio 538, NL), Niels Franken (Radio 538, NL), Arjan van Lierop (Sky Radio) and Guido Sprenger (Radio Veronica, NL) will host some exclusive and in-depth sessions. Station Director of Sky Radio Uunco Cerfontaine has been busy for the last three years with the format flip of the station. This was a huge transformation where not only the music format was adapted, but also the imaging of Sky Radio. During his session, he will share this radical process and you’ll hear Sky Radio imaging evolve over the last 26 years. Giel Beelen (3FM, NL) and Jeroen ‘jingles’ van Inkel (Q -Music, NL) will talk about their Radioprogramma vs. imaging.

ReelWorldProduction VaultThe Radio Imaging LibraryCapital of Media, Wise Buddah Jingles & Music ImagingIMGR and No Sheet Music are the first premium partners of The Imaging Days 2014. 

The number of tickets for The Imaging Days is limited, so interested Imaging Directors/producers are advised to register quickly at Follow on Twitter @TheImagingDays and like us on

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