Sun FM (NZ) Fresh, New, Exciting Jingles from LFM Audio

Recently rebranded from LFM Productions, LFM Audio has a strong history in radio commercials and imaging. Their objective is to provide highly creative yet affordable jingles and imaging to small and medium sized radio stations who have been previously priced out of quality jingle work. They specialize in contemporary jingle compositions to equal or exceed larger stations offerings and have recently completed a package for SUN FM.

Sun FM is a Whakatane based broadcaster with a reach of 50,000 listeners in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Playing hits from 1990’s to current and based in a socially active, brand conscious, locally focused community, they enjoy popularity primarily with female listeners ages 15-54.

Sun FM required a radio jingle company to meet their specific criteria, a company to provide contemporary jingles to suit their upbeat brand at an affordable price, while maintaining a strong understanding of the differences that make their station stand out from the rest. Sun FM actively promotes Maori language in their everyday broadcast in an effort to normalize spoken Maori, any jingle / imaging vendors would have to have excel in working correct structure and pronunciation in their work.

LFM Audio provided an initial starting package of 4x ramps, 4x slogans and 4x stings for under fully produced and mastered using professional singers. This has proven to be one of the more affordable packages available in jingle pricing compared to other major production companies. Sun FM was highly involved in the creative process to ensure the final product was exactly as requested.

“We were able to choose from a variety of voices and provide examples of the feel and vibe we were trying to achieve.”- “From creative development to the finished package, I found the process hassle free coupled with full consultation throughout the process”. –Jarrod Dodd, Sun FM Advertising Manager.

LFM Audio headed away from the typical tinny ‘classic’ radio jingle sound in order to reflect Sun FMs modern brand, with energetic, exciting compositions that flawlessly fit in with the hit music on rotation. LFM paid special attention to the Maori language requirements and submitted many drafts samples to ensure correct pronunciation.

Sun FM has received excellent feedback from their clients about the quality and professional sound produced by LFM Audio. They intend to work with LFM for more production work in the future and happily endorse their product.

“Look no further than LFM! LFM provide a totally professional service with a 100% guarantee on the finished product.” – Jarrod Dodd

LFM is fast becoming the hot topic in radio jingle circles. Fresh, exciting and creative jingles at a highly competitive price. Fully customized original compositions to suit your business needs with a professional finish that is second to none. Special priced Jingles Packages are obtainable now even before the new website has launched. You can show your interest now by emailing

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