KIIS LA and ReelWorld celebrate 10-year anniversary

102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles has updated their sound with the all-new KIIS 2015 jingle package from ReelWorld. The jingle package represents a complete makeover of the KIIS brand, melding the heritage “Kiss FM” three-note signature logo with a new, modern vocal sound reflecting the CHR playlist of today and the format trends of tomorrow.

The new package was recorded in Seattle, WA near the ReelWorld U.S. headquarters and marks the ten-year anniversary of the partnership between KIIS LA and ReelWorld.

KIIS Program Director John Ivey said: “Apparently, composing and producing these new KIIS jingles was the easy part. Analyzing, understanding, dissecting, digesting, and transforming exactly what I was hearing in my head, well, that was a little more challenging. I’ve been with ReelWorld for more than 14 years and the guys know what I want even before I do. Like always, they nailed it!”

ReelWorld’s Creative Director Erik Huber expressed his excitement over the KIIS 2015 release: “As a station known for its brand awareness among young listeners, KIIS LA requires a sound that’s in sync with their playlist and anticipates where the format is headed. Our familiarity with the KIIS brand was a tremendous asset in this regard, and watching the station evolve over time has provided insight into where it’s going. This package is a perfect complement not just for the KIIS of today, but the KIIS to come.”

To discuss how ReelWorld can help evolve your station sound, contact To hear the all-new KIIS package in its entirety, visit

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