LFM Audio generates electrifying Jingles for Power 181 Radio Station!

With the demand for radio commercials and imaging being on the rise, many radio stations are competitively looking for high quality sung jingles that will attract more listeners and make their radio brand more memorable. However, majority of these radio stations, (especially small and medium-sized) have not been able to get premier sung radio jingles due to their high costs. LFM Audio is providing creative, fresh, modern high quality, custom composed jingles at seriously affordable rates, making it possible for radio stations to buy them. They have delivered their latest sung jingle package for Power 181 Radio Station.

Power 181 is a current hit online radio station that plays mainly contemporary hits. The station is located in Waynesboro, West Virginia, United States and has listeners from all over the world. The station mainly plays top 40 adult contemporary pop and rock music. Their playlists comprise of the latest pop and rock hits which keep their listeners entertained at all times.
Power 181 needed a Sung Jingle Package that would help them stand out above other online radio stations. They needed 6 stingers, 6 slogans and 6 ramps that suited their station format.
LFM Audio did a high quality job in the composition, singing, production and mastering of the jingle package they delivered to Power 181. It also took LFM Audio a very short time to deliver the final package and they kept on updating Power 181 on the progress of the production at every stage, from start to end. “The process was smooth and hassle free. Ethan was our main contact and worked hard to get us what we needed.” This is what Power 181 said when they were asked to comment on how the LFM process was.

They also said that they would recommend any radio station looking for low cost, high quality and professional sung jingles to go to LFM Audio. They do everything from scratch to ensure you get original and electrifying jingles at a seriously affordable rates. They are dedicated to ensure that you get the best sung radio jingles at the right price which you can’t find anywhere else. To get more information about LFM Audio and the jingle packages they have to offer, please send them at email at sales@lfmaudio.com. Their new website is about to be launched and will be available at http://www.lfmaudio.com.

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