Radio 2 Holland – September 2014 Updates

The team at Wise Buddah Jingles has just completed a new set of updates of their Radio 2 package in The Netherlands.

In all, 18 new IDs were created for a range of shows across the network including Wout2Day, Grand Cafe Kranenbarg, De Roodshow and Muziek Café
“Working with Arjan, Henk-Jaap, Martijn and all the team at Radio 2NL is something we always look forward to. The brief was super concise and covered a wide range of musical styles to put some new musical energy into the sound of the station as it brings some exciting changes to the schedule.” –Paul Plant, Director, Wise Buddah Jingles

The vocals were recorded in The Hague over what was a highly enjoyable and creative three day period.

“Working again with Wise Buddah was such a great pleasure! From the very start the Wise Buddah team understood exactly what we’re looking for with some really fresh ideas which help give us our unique sound. The new jingles reflect perfectly the sound of Radio 2”. -Arjan de Ruiter, Manager Muziek

To hear the package in full, visit

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