Radio 538 2015 – A Unique Collaboration!

Marc Vickers (Creative Director – Wise Buddah) and Chris Hartgers (Head Of Imaging – Radio 538) in consultation with Anthony Timmers (Director – Capital of Media) have combined forces to create the latest update for Holland’s #1 station, Radio 538. The result? Brand new high energy cuts, a new Top of Hour and information elements.

In this unique project Wise Buddah produced the cuts with the creative input of Capital Of Media and Chris provided the imaging to take them to the next level, giving the station a new CHR edge.

Chris Hartgers, Radio 538: “The way we worked on these ID’s was really different. We did this project together, from the first click track until the last verb. Even though they have just hit the air, I’m already looking forward to our next project, cause man, this new stuff is epic!!!!”

Marc Vickers, Wise Buddah Jingles: “After knowing Chris and Anthony for many years it was great to finally collaborate on a project and get a fresh spin on the Radio 538 sound.”

Anthony Timmers (Capital of Media): “Never before has such a cooperation between jingle producers and the radio station been done. It was amazing!”

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