SRA Network Chart Show Imaging from AudioSweets ID

The Student Radio Association have just taken delivery of a fresh new CHR imaging package from AudioSweets ID, for their Student Radio Chart Show – airing across the network of 29 stations across the UK.

This full network chart-show package includes a main theme with various mixouts to reflect different genres of music, countdown bed, imaging parts and feature beds.

Oliver Ing, Marketing Officer SRA, who won Best Chart Show at the SRA Awards, said ‘We’ve been looking for something that makes our chart show stand out and we art show stand out and we think that this new package will do exactly that. It’s everything we have been looking for over the past two years to network across 29 different student radio stations across the United Kingdom and I think our presenters and listeners are presenters and listeners are going to be very excited!

On top of this, we’re very pleased that we’re working with such an incredible team at AudioSweets, they understand Student Radio and it’s value within the industry. The guys fully understand student radio and how our association works so it’s great to have them involved in some way this year.’

Simon Prentice, AudioSweets MD added, “We’re passionate about the future of radio “We’re passionate about the future of radio and it’s been great to work with and see the talent at the SRA. The dedication and love for our industry is front and centre with them love for our industry is front and centre with them. The new Chart Show imaging package we’ve produced allows the next generation of radio professionals work push radio forward in the UK and we’re proud to be working with them”

The SRA join recent packages produced for Jack FM Berkshire, the Media Sound Network, LMFM, UCB Extra and Manx Radio from AudioSweets Music, home of the imaging library, ASID, ASX and the new

To licence this package for your station or network email or call +44 (0)161 905 2662

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