The Bee – new custom package from Ignite Jingles

New from Ignite Jingles, seven Hot AC themes for The Bee in Lancashire UK. Ranging from cool strummy guitars to dance-inspired beats, every theme includes ramp, slogan and shotgun mixes, and is ready to be resung for your station right now!

“With so many companies to choose from these days when it comes to jingles, you need to be able to put the trust into who is creating your on-air package. Chris is great to work with, he listens to what you are wanting to achieve and delivers. The final product for us at The Bee was exactly what I had imagined, the show and station sings are spot on and the team love them!” – Gemma Baron, Programme Controller @ The Bee

This package is a special one for us at Ignite, as The Bee’s launch jingle package ten years ago was the first set of custom jingles led by our Creative Director Chris Stevens while was at TM Studios. That package was resung dozens of times, and we’re hoping that this one will be too!

Hear all the cuts individually at

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