New Shows and a New Sound for Holland’s NPO Radio 2

Wise Buddah has produced a host of new themes for Holland’s NPO Radio 2. Six new themes have been produced for The Top 2000, which countdowns the favourite tracks of NPO Radio 2’s 11 million listeners. The tracks are designed to reflect the music that features in the countdown, from Abba to Adele and Queen to Coldplay.

NPO Radio 2 also launch three new shows from January 5th, and Wise Buddah have produced 8 new themes ahead of the launch.

NPO Radio 2’s Head of Music Arjan de Ruiter said: “For the 16th edition of this annual radio show we wished to refresh the tunes the DJ’s use during the Top 2000. Changing the tunes without losing part of the familiarity was quite a challenge, but Wise Buddah succeeded very well.
For the three new shows, we were looking for some new and fresh idents.
Wise Buddah came with some new and fresh ideas, reflecting the feel of the new shows and NPO Radio 2. Once again working with the guys at Wise Buddah was a great pleasure.”

Wise Buddah Director Paul Plant added: “We were delighted to take a trip to our friends in Hilversum and record these fresh, new updates. Arjan and the Team were so accommodating and it’s a pleasure to help NPO Radio 2 develop a new sound for their heritage show…as well as three new ones!”

The three new shows launch on January 5th, so the audio montage will be available then.

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