S2Blue kick starts 2015 with new look

Manchester’s S2Blue, one of the UK broadcast industries leading production companies, has started 2015 with a new look and new website.

The all new S2Blue.com is packed full of new audio showcasing for radio and TV commercials, sung commercial jingles, voiceovers, production and imaging tools.

Simon Prentice, S2Blue MD added, “We’ve been around since 2001 and, having worked with having worked with most stations in the UK at one point or another, S2Blue is a much loved brand in radio. The new S2Blue.com showcases all our radio work from commercial production through to jingles but also highlights the TV work we’ve produced – including providing voices and music for hundreds of TV commercials! We’re immersed in UK Broadcasting and have a wide range of offerings and the new site brings it all together. In fact we’re going to be updating the site regularly, so we hope people keep popping back to see what we’ve been up to!”

S2Blue produce hundreds of pieces of audio every week and work with broadcasters big and small every day – from Tony Blackburn on Radio 2 to the over 400 stations across the world using AudioSweets, and have produced national advertising campaigns for Superdrug, Toys R Us, Butlins, Manchester United, Crabbies right down to commercials for community stations and jingles for hospital stations.

S2Blue create commercials for broadcasters and agencies around world, production music through FreeNotesMusic.com and TVandRadioBeds.com and a wide range of jingles and imaging from resings of vintage PAMS packages through to the AudioSweets imaging tool kit.

To find out what S2Blue could do for you email simon@S2Blue.com or call +44 (0)161 905 2662. To hear all demos click www.S2Blue.com.

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